6 mistakes inexperienced and uncertified plumbers make
6 mistakes inexperienced and uncertified plumbers make

These are the mistakes by inexperienced and uncertified plumbers.

1. Slope

Not sloping a pipe or over sloping a drain pipe. Improper slope may affect the effective flow of drain water and may also create negative pressure in the traps. The negative pressure in traps empty the water level in traps and as a result foul smell will enter into your house. Improper slope may also result in various blockages in your piping systems.

2. Tank height

A professional must know how much pressure does each faucet and appliances need to operate. So, he/she must select the proper tank height to create the required pressure for current faucets and appliances and future needs should also be kept in account. Over pressure may also damage faucets.

3. Vents

Vents not only allows smell to go outside the house but helps in maintaining positive pressure. So, selecting type of venting system and size of vent pipe is crucial and varies along with building types and building heights. Venting type in one building varies with another and is one of the most common mistakes done by local plumbers.

4. Piping system

Choosing between one pipe and multipipe system is crucial for ease of users and reducing pressure losses. So, a cost versus requirement analysis must be carefully done while selecting your piping system.

5. Clearances

Clerances between soil pipe and waste pipe, horizontal branches, fixtures and main stack are important for a proper plumbing system to function. Not having proper clearances result in various maintenance issues and increases operation cost.

6. Selection of system

Selection of piping system, drainage system, pipe sizes, pipe and fixtures quality, pumping systems does not only affect initial investment but also has impact on long run operational and maintenance needs. While selecting these systems various factors are kept into account like purchasing cost, ease of use, maintenance issues etc.

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