A Dropout Engineer- Backbone of Dharabijuli
A Dropout Engineer- Backbone of Dharabijuli

Hello, my name is Sandesh Giri and I am a senior technical person at Dharabijuli Services PVT LTD. This is my story.

I have completed my overseer course from Balaju School of Engineering and Technology at 2068.

After completion of my diploma course (overseer), I started to work in one of the biggest company of Nepal i.e. Dairy Development Corporation as a helper in a daily wages basis.

As a fresher, I was nervous, excited and very curious to work and utilize my knowledge that I have gained from the institute.             

As I remember the first day of my work was a brief introduction and a survey to the workplace and I was totally explained about my duties and responsibilities. Being able to serve in such a reputed company is one of my best experiences.

As practical experience has a better impact in mind than theoretical knowledge, I knew I was going to learn a lot here in DDC. I was professionally being engaged in the works with experienced personnel who were serving for more than a decade.

My superiors always supported and helped me to sort the problems I was dealing with. They implanted me the knowledge and skills they acquired. For the first time when I was able to understand the wiring diagram and was able to connect accordingly, my superiors praised me.

As time went by I knew most of the work related to electrical, mechanical and plumbing and was able to handle the problem solely. In the morning and evening shift, the single person was responsible in the maintenance department. As I have gained the trust of my superior with my capacity to perform I was allowed to work even in these shifts.

My workplace was not just the place where we worked but a special bonding was made and I felt happy to work. After 2 years of work, I realized qualification is also equally important. So I joined the Kathmandu engineering college for my higher studies.

At that time I had difficulty in managing time between work life and college. I tried hard towards my study but was unable to clear the Bachelor’s degree.

Though I learned and earned a lot of experience and skills, I was unsatisfied. The reason behind unsatisfaction was the slow progress in my career. I felt like the frog in a pond. I had no idea and I was totally confused with my life.

One day a close friend of my college called me. We both talked for hours I was shocked to hear that even he was unsatisfied though he had a very good future and a paycheck.

He already had a plan he explained; at first, when I heard it I was not sure and I thought it was unreliable but after a certain time I was convinced and agreed to it. Now the problem was to convince our parents.

We both had problems, as parents of this generation totally disagree with the ideas of business and as we both are from the non-business group which brought more difficulties.

But there is a saying that even a shape of the rock can be changed with a continuous strike of water from the waves. Eventually, we were able to convince them and thus finally made them agree with our plans. And the plan which we gave a figure is Dharabijuli Services.

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  1. great job, you can be an inspiration to many dropout engineers who are thinking their career is over because of 2-3 yrs of bad study.

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