Tips and Tricks to Prevent Blockage in the Sink and Basin
Tips and Tricks to Prevent Blockage in the Sink and Basin

Nothing is worse than free-standing water that stays in our sinks and basins making the water to move so slowly down the drain or complete blockage of water down the drain. 

To prevent blockage in drain pipes, we need to maintain a high flow of water in drain pipes on a daily basis. The slow-moving drains are the cause of black slime and hair built up in our drainpipe. Black slime is a living organism made up of bacteria living in hair, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other waste products.

All of us are familiar with the statement that prevention is better than cure. But we hardly apply these in our life which results in various problems. One of the problems is blockage in the sink and basin.

Most homeowners become very careless when it comes to the plumbing maintenance, especially in our drain pipes. We ignore it until and unless the problem arises.

Only after having a blockage problem we jump into action. We have a trend of allowing the water to pass through drainpipe by removing the stopper whenever there is a blockage in our sink and basin.

 This may temporarily solve the problem but it results even in a worse case. After some time the main drain pipe in our house will get block which will be even more difficult to solve. It also reduces the life of pipes.

With a little preventative maintenance, we can stop such problems from happening.

  • Few table spoons of baking soda with vinegar once in a week can remove black slime in the drain pipes
  • Few litres of boiling water down the bathroom basin and kitchen sink pipes every couple of weeks can prevent a build-up of slimes and wastes.
  • Vinegar is an excellent stuff to use for maintenance of our pipes as it can kill more than 80% of mould forming in pipes.
  • In severe cases, remove the stopper in the sink, and then remove the hair and slim using a  hook and clean the pipe with baking soda and vinegar

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