These 8 points illustrates AC Cooling Problems and its Solution.
These 8 points illustrates AC Cooling Problems and its Solution.

Summer has just started in Kathmandu; the temperature is raising its level high day by day. In other cities along the east and west side the heat has already leveled up compared to that of Kathmandu.

The installation of AC in the capital is nearly less in number compared to that of the other cities along the west and east region.

As the use of AC is used after a long duration, the changes and some kind of distortion in the mechanical part of the machine can occur. Thus, the need for repair and maintenance is required and our Dharabijuli can help you with that.

The causes of AC cooling problems are :

  1. Dirt in the filter blocks the pathway of the cold and hot air inside.
  2. Sometimes the AC can be working but not as your need. For example, the hot air is leaving but the cooling by the ac is not done properly which may be the fault of the settings done in AC.
  3. The essential component of the AC’s is the compressor, when AC is not cooling the Cooling compressor can be sometimes not working as well.
  4. AC consumes a high amount of the Electrical Power, the drop in the power supply, the fluctuations in the supply can sometimes also be the reason for not cooling.
  5. Inside AC there can be a breakdown in Condenser,  Motor fan, the fan can be damaged.
  6. The water leakage from both the indoor and outdoor AC unit, the condensate pump could be broken, poor quality seal, improper installation.
  7. The Ac’s size may be small according to the size of the room placed in.
  8. AC can control the average temperature and sometimes if the atmospheric temperature rises beyond the limit, the AC could be not working effectively.

There could be even more problems than mentioned above. These problems and other unsaid could be even solved by Dharabijuli Services. Air conditioners can last long if done regular maintenance which increases the efficiency of it.

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