Why Dharabijuli For Construction?
Why Dharabijuli For Construction?

People construct houses, Commercial Buildings according to need or choice. During construction do you have a habit of consulting a professional or hiring them for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) purposes? Most of the time the answer is No.

During the construction time, most people hire a local contractor and give them a total contract (in certain rates) of MEP work. He will finish the work and hand it over. But, this is a bad practice.

We suggest to hire professional and experienced contractors and engineers where you can get your work done efficiently at the best price.

The reasons to choose us during construction:

1. Free Consultancy :

During construction, you may have a lot of dilemmas in mind at every point. You may not be able to make a proper decision in time. During such time, Dharabijuli can help you. Our experienced industry engineers will provide you a free consultancy.

2. Proper Design :

People have a habit of just sketching a design in a rough paper and starting the work with just approval of local contractors. But we suggest to have a detailed design before starting such works. Dharabijuli provides detailed proper design in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works. Proper equipment can be placed in the proper location.

         Advantages of proper design :

A. Reduction in Overall Cost :

People argue that for detailed design they have to hire an engineer which will increase the cost. But this is the wrong analysis. Having proper design may increase your cost initially, but it will help to find out the exact number of materials, equipment and provide exact material cost, service charge and finally, it will decrease the material cost, wastage cost and reduce overall cost. You also didn’t need to buy the materials in bulk and invest a high amount on it initially.

B. Equipment Life Extension :

Sometimes our equipment damages due to lack of proper estimation and calculation. But having proper design minimizes the failure of equipment and increases its life. 

C. Prevention from major accidents :

When technicians do their work without the consult of any professional engineer, they have a trend to oversize or undersize the equipment which not only affects the cost but it may also result in major accidents in future. Also, it results in damage to many types of equipment in use.    

3. Qualitative Service :

We follow all the standard codes and provide you with qualitative services during construction.

4. Work on Time :

We have a team of dedicated professionals. We complete the work on a given time. 

5. Easy in maintenance :

As the time passes the maintenance problem may arise. In such time the contractors who construct your building may not be available in our need. Dharabijuli equally focuses on repair and maintenance problems. So it will be easy for the client to contact us as well as easy for us to repair the building that we have constructed. 

6. Reduction in maintenance cost :

Proper design and such construction leads to lesser need in maintenance/ easier maintenance and reduces maintenance cost in service and materials. Also, the proper design leads to a reduction in water usage and electricity usage which will decrease daily operation expenses.

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