Why you must hire a professional rather than a local technician?
Why you must hire a professional rather than a local technician?

A problem related to electrical is very common, the problem arisen can be simple or complex. Anyhow the problem is dealt with and solved. This blog represents not the problem but the ones we call to solve it. Such personnel are either called through references or through personal relations.

 We never check their qualification nor doubt their experience and let them deal with the problem. There is no harm to let them work and solve the problems.  But the problem arises when such personnel doesn’t follow up the technical standards. The so-called local electricians are coarse away from basic knowledge and may overestimate or underestimate the needs.

 They do not know about the colour coding of the wires, standard specification and appropriate sizing of wires, protective devices rating, accurate spacing and proportion of lights, horizontal and fitting losses in pipes, blower capacities in motors and pumps, building standards and codes,  etc.

With very little experience they need to solve the problem and when unsolved they create a mess. The problems sorted out this way may cause a severe problem in future.

The other problems set off due to such technician are the ideas they present, the product they choose and the fees or the price they take for their service. For such a technician, they always evaluate their works in terms of money. They perform well if their pays are high and vice versa.

 Similarly, whether you pay well or bad the products they prefer are local as they get high commission. Such products are manufactured locally and can never perform up to their ratings. A certain amount of money also called a commission is calculated in such products. These technicians never value our time, even if they show up they are a couple of hours late or they never show up. Thus the service they provide is poor, unreliable and can never be trusted.

There are a lot of things that a technician needs to know in order to perform the task as a professional.

S/he should be able to understand the design when asked upon should be able to make the people understand that the intensity of light is through lumen not through the wattage. They should be able to make the people understand the costing that has raised due to the reasons for following the standards. They must be able to estimate accurately.

 So we recommend you to choose a professional rather than local technicians for solving the problems. Though for choosing professional one may find the rates expensive at an instant but it will be beneficial, secured, reliable and cheaper form future point of view.   

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