Irritate of bad smell from the toilet? Know how to solve the problem
Irritate of bad smell from the toilet? Know how to solve the problem

Most of the time when we pass near from toilet area, we feel an unpleasant bad smell. Our toilet may seem clean but the smell often creates a horrible experience which is unhygienic as well.

This blog illustrates the reason for such a bad smell from the toilet and its solution to solve the problem.

Our Trend:

We do not make a proper plan during construction. We just separate one room for bathroom and toilet and start to work on it. And such improper plan is the main cause of such an unpleasant smell.

How to solve these problems?

This technique involves simple physics. We all know that air always flows from the high-pressure region to lower pressure region. So, if we are able to make our toilets in the lower pressure region then bad smell from toilet won’t go outside to other living areas/rooms.

How to make low pressure?

We create a low pressure inside the toilet area by exhausting the air inside of the toilet to the atmosphere.

You may be thinking that by doing the above work won’t there be an unfavourable atmosphere inside the toilet?

No there won’t be. We reduce the airflow in the toilet only to that extent where bad smell can go outside and fresh air can come from the environment.

For doing these we need an adequate ventilation and exhaust system.

Adequate ventilation is a bit different than the ventilation system which we are using in house, accommodation premises, hotels, motels and care homes.

What is adequate Ventilation?

Adequate ventilation means the proper sizing of ventilation in our toilet/bathroom such that only the required amount of fresh air can come inside it to maintain the required pressure. We calculate this sizing by the help of some engineering calculations or software available in the market.

How do we achieve exhaust of air from the bathroom/toilet?

1. If the toilet/bathroom has external walls, then a wall or window-mounted fan can be used to exhaust air directly to the outside.

2. If the room is below a roof that is exposed to the atmosphere, then a roof-mounted fan can also be used to exhaust air directly to the outside.

3. If the room is of neither of above and is enclosed within a building, then it will be necessary to exhaust the air through a ducted system to the outside atmosphere.

Adequate Ventilation

If you follow these steps during constructing your house you will be free from such an unpleasant smell that comes from the toilet.

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